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Welcome to our Delta Printer Website. We are constantly working on modules and we will periodically update and search more resources.

Purpose of this website:

A year or so ago, I began to be interested in 3D Printers. I started with a printer and then switched to the DETLA. I look for information about this, how they are working, how they are made. I think that you will pay less in investing in a printer.

When I was ready, I started to make the parts for my Delta 3D printer. I like how it moves, but the downside of this is the calibration. Well here is my project. Enjoy and have fun and let me know what you think. My name is Anns Dadda one word please and my provider is Gmail with the correct extension.

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Heart of Man

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This is a Spiritual Mirror of Morality, in which every child of God, who desires his salvation, may view himself, know the state of his soul, and profitably learn to regulate his life according to it.  There are many people with troubled hearts in the world today.  There are many reasons why these hearts are troubled. God knows and stands waiting to give peace to every troubled heart.


Heart of Man Web Pages

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We offer a spiritual home that cares about people who serve God.

Ons bied 'n geestelike tuiste wat omgee vir mense wat die Here dien.


Heart of Man Web Pages

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